And so now I'm carrying around an N

Show Day #18: Detroit, MI

I was on a recon mission with Renee for a certain caffeinated beverage from a certain multinational corporation known for its ability to make well-adjusted and addiction-free citizens behave like deranged junkies who'd rob their grandma for green tea frappuccino change. And for being ABSOLUTELY F'ING EVERYWHERE. And for medical coverage for part-time employees.

Anyway. We were walking up the sidewalk, glanced at the Royal Oak Theatre's marquise and saw that the N had fallen off NIGHTS.

Renee saw the N laying alone and somewhat sadly on the concrete.

Renee: 'Grab it!'

I ran to the N, grabbed it, and started to stuff the N into my bag, feeling a heightened (and unwarranted) sense of secrecy and urgency, when Renee came up with the next great idea of the day: Take Benise dancer-ish photos of ourselves and N.

Later that day we noticed that FIRE had lost its E. We looked for it but couldn't find the E so we decided to go back inside and get to work.

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