Trucker poodles

Trucker. Poodles.

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JReal said...

LOL The pic of the poodle in the eighteen wheeler is classic!! I can just imagine a huge, burly, fully-bearded, Harley-ridin' dude waking up in the back of his rig every morning and kissing his poodle! LMAO Ohh, and that skyway bridge story was crazy!!! The part about the guy stopping on the very edge is too erie for words... sounds like something out of a movie. Ironically, I was just reading about a shot in the upcoming X-Men 3 movie. There's a scene were a telekinetic guy rips the Golden Gate Bridge off it's foundations and hurls it across the bay... guess you won't be seeing that flick, huh? Anywho, great blog! I wish you safety and loads of fun on your journey. What is this production you're in? (tell the young lady with dreds in the 4th pic she's a cutie! Ha,ha!)