The Hoff looks for freedom

On December 31, 1989, David Hasselhoff stood atop the Berlin wall and performed his cover of the the 1970's German hit "Auf Der Strasse Nach Suden", renamed "Looking for Freedom", to a crowd of almost one million people. He was wearing piano key scarf. A video of him looking for freedom at another live concert in Berlin can be seen here.


roopa said...

I love your comics with The Hoff. One day I'm going to have to commission you to make one with me in it.

Say hi to Charlie for me.

By the way, I found some hilarious photos of us from New Year's Eve 2003 - I'll have to send them to you. The best one is of us eating a pig in a blanket.

Unknown said...

send! send! send! pig in a blanket!

charlie was asking about you and i told him that you're getting a phD but i don't know if that's true or not.

roopa said...

Not getting a PhD but I do have an MPH now (Master of Public Health).

Here is the pig in a blanket shot. I emailed you some other ones.

ronckytonk said...

1 - your eyes. what's going on there.
2 - pig = disgusting
3 - i'm pretty sure that's the closest we ever got to making out.
4 - thank you

roopa said...

1. Booze. Lots of it.
2. Nasty, indeed.
3. Yes, you are right.
4. You're welcome.
5. I'm bored at work.