unicorns, magic, and Jess R. Bitches

Today I found this note on my desk and assumed it was from a dancer with whom I'd recently had a conversation about rainbows, pots of gold, and fluffy care bears. I thought he left the note to remind me that even when I have a day that makes me prickly and stabby, I'm not necessarily a lousy person.

"Aw," I thought, "that's so him."

Then Lindsay confesses that she wrote the note and I hadn't even MENTIONED pixie dust to her. I don't know why, it never came up. She's just that intuitive.


Anonymous said...

I miss you guys! Hope the globe trotting is going well now that you can sleep. They added three weeks to this tour but I get to sit in Vegas for 5 days so it's not all bad. Take care! T3

Butta C.U.P. said...

I have missed so much of your blog and of you. I am sitting in a workshop, not wanting to be here and realizing, slowly but surely, my teaching days will end with this school year. We'll catch up when I see you in a month. Your blog, as usual, is beautiful and insightful.

The Vain One