Jägermeister vs. English beer

What I want to know is why, in Berlin, I bought little bottles of 70-proof Jägermeister with Charlie and Mona and drank them on the street, on the U-Bahn, and in the club all night long and remained almost completely sober. Because the other night, in London, I had two beers and was d-runk.

The Spice Girls show was down and a few of us gathered in the O2 arena bar. I sat calmly on a white couch, nursing a beer, staring in awe of how HARD people were dancing to the Ghostbusters theme song.

Later in the loading dock, I laughed until it hurt behind a mini-coach with Lindsay and tried to steal a ten-lb bag of sugar from a shelf on the wall. I don't know how long I stood there with the bag of sugar in my hand but finally Lindsay decided that my idea to "leave a trail of sugar to find our way home" wasn't practical and convinced me to put it back where it belonged.

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