My friends Captain Morgan and Mandy.

I don't care what you're doing right now. It'd be better if you were doing it with Mandy and a Captain Morgan and Diet Coke.

The only thing that would make this photo more quintessential Mandy is if she had on footed pajamas. And a shawl.

Which, yesterday, would have sucked for her since it was 90 degrees out with a million percent humidity. Mandy picked me up after breastfeeding her baby and leaving him with her mom.

"Hi," I said, "I think I have heatstroke. What are we doing?"

"I'm having a cocktail," Mandy said.

YES! Because cocktails are good for both breastfeeding and heatstroke.

Either Mandy has calculated exactly how long it takes to digest rum out of her system or there is a very good reason that her kid smiles so much.

As for me, walking for hours through Berlin in the spring is not the same as being assaulted by Ohio Valley haze during peak hours. I left the house at 10AM and went to the post office. I walked to a five mile trail. I talked on the phone and jammed to my tunes. Life was swell.

Until I noticed in the final stretch, seven miles in? Eight? That I was covered in slime, limping, and barely had the strength to lift a Diet 7UP to my cracked lips.

My head was still pounding when the waitress asked us what we wanted.

"Captain Morgan and Diet Coke. Tall glass. Single shot," Mandy replied in a breath.

Because I am both impressionable and indecisive, I had the same. And wasn't at all surprised that by the time I finished the first round and Mandy finished saving a child's life by fielding one of her social work-related phone calls, I felt completely healed.

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Anonymous said...

oh man, i wish i could hang out with you and mandy... i guess that that chance will come soon enough, like this fall if all goes as planned...
have fun with the idols.