Pollo McFrito

Anyone looking for a reason to patronize McDonald's?

I've been searching for internet in Guatemala City and yesterday I walked to a mall near my hotel. I didn't see an internet cafe so I stepped into Radio Shack and told the boys behind the counter what I was looking for.

"There's internet at McDonald's," they said.


"McDonald's has computers?" I asked in disbelief.

They nodded yes. I don't know why I was in such shock but I was.


I walked back down the street to the McDonald's I'd passed earlier and didn't consider going into since I usually think McDonald's is only good for one thing, the bathroom. This time I went inside and ordered a caramel sundae that I didn't really want. I asked the cashier lady if I paid her to use the computers, gesturing to the two iMacs behind me, Ronald McDonald screensavers on both.

She explained, "You need to buy a meal to use the computer."

Oh, man.

She points to ten meal choices displayed on the wall.

I imagine the recently consumed Chile Relleno churning through stomach and stared off in the distance with a dazed look on my face.

"I'll have the Pollo McFrito, please."

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