Hippie van

Today Michael Bova had a long day which culminated in his getting pulled over for speeding by three police cruisers and a helicopter, spotlight fixed squarely on the hood of the Eurovan. When he asked the officer why driving 43 mph in a 25 mph zone called for quite so much backup, he was informed that the police squad is enforcing a speeding initiative in the cracked out part of town. A few speeding violations each night will also involve drug possession and stolen vehicles.

Incidentally, the officer was exceedingly friendly to Bova and suggested that he contest the ticket. Bova's subsequent conversation with his mother regarding the incident and the cop's helpful attitude follows.

"I guess he was happy to only have to deal with a polite fag in a hippie van."

"I wish you wouldn't say that," Bova's mom replied.

"What? Hippie van?"


Anonymous said...

surfers are so hot.
in the end, the edge is all crumbly and lonely, full of people ready to jump. not for a fun-loving girl from the midwest.
i learned (well, almost learned) to surf from a hot boy with a 10" scar across his stomach, still bloody from the last time he went surfing. i would have gone to the edge with him, i guess. but in the end, i would have regretted it and felt embarassed by it, the visit to the edge, not the regret. but damn, i love surfers. love them.
australians just like to have a good time. not that i know any. intelligence is highly over-rated. highly.

for god's sake, when are you going to get out of ohio? it sounds like it's get dangerous there. people speeding everywhere. a girl could get herself runover. there is barely any shooting anymore in my neighborhood. it's practically bucolic here.

ps. charlie lvs. surfer boys

Anonymous said...

i know that i misspelled some words.
i did that on purpose, okay?
to emphasize my point about intelligence and everything...