Super Sunday

Kyle reminded this morning me that it's Super Bowl Sunday.

He is currently in a parking lot in Shoreline, WA hawking Seahawks gear to football fans, one of whom asked from the inside of an idling car if he sells shirts in XXXXXL, the size of which we agreed would equal a 6-top tablecloth.

On Friday, Sara told me she was going home to Washington State to watch the Super Bowl. I asked her who was playing and was favored with the response, "The Seahawks, dumbass."

I thought it was Carl's job to insult me and my dispassion for professional sports but you go ahead and take a swing too, Sara, it's cool. And Carl, I KNOW the Yankees are from New York. I just didn't realize the World Series was being played 158 blocks north of my apartment. Sorry.

The fact that it is Super Bowl Sunday and the temperature is right around WAY TOO FUCKING COLD in Ohio has prompted me to recall an important institution among the Chicago crew: Super Sunday. This recollection is tinged with nostalgia since I haven't participated in months and that makes me sad.

The ringleaders of Super Sunday know who they are and now you do too: Sunny. Shane. P-nut.

Sunny and Shane's defiance stems from the fact that they throw the Saturday parties which make Super Sunday so necessary. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of Saturday night to Super Sunday success. We NEED Shane to find the perfect smoke machine to transform the dining room into a murky throbbing dance floor. And if no one flashes, streaks, or almost falls off the roof, someone hasn't done their job.

P-nut is the first person to call on Sunday and come back over to the house and here he shifts into high gear because he knows what we need and is never so hungover that he can't perform his role as chief repository of Super Sunday rules:

1) Movie. No subtitles. No political and/or human rights themes. No documentaries. No Maria Full of Grace. No Hotel Rwanda. Absolutely nothing French. P-nut will bring over his copy of Superman or we will drive to the theater for anything starring the Wilson brothers. 40-Year-Old Virgin worked well the last time.

2) Beverages. Water Water Water....and Bloody Marys.

3) Food. Ideally burritos.

4) Recap of Saturday night highlights. P-nut really shines throughout this phase because, as noted above, he didn't drink the night before like a freshman girl rushing Kappa Kappa Gamma and so is in a great mood, with a sharp memory. Some might say too sharp.

Variables include lounging around the kitchen, lounging around the TV room, lounging around the living room, wrapping oneself tightly in a blanket, and napping.

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