The life you were born to live

Joe Baer, my boss at ZenGenius, asked me for my birth date and I told him: 3/16/75! Tracy, who was in the office and sitting at her desk, made a crack about Joe doing numerology and I laughed but Joe walked over with a book in hand.

"This book is amazing. Do you want to read it?"

"Has it changed your life?" I asked.

"Yes it has."

I said I'd take a look. Joe opened it to page 210 and informed me that I am a 32/5. This means, according to Pythagoras and his notion that numbers are the essence of all things, that I may have some issues with freedom and discipline to address if I'm at all interested in understanding my life purpose. No biggie.

I don't usually read books with chicken soup, gypsy, or warrior, especially when teamed with gentle and/or peaceful, in the title and self-help sections of bookstores make me self conscious but I like Joe Baer a lot. His sense of humor is far too wicked to allow him to be the sort of man who has a dream catcher tattooed on his bicep. Dan Millman wrote The Life You Were Born To Live and after seeing his head shot I doubt very much that he has the sort of wit that I get a kick out of but I am here to tell you that he NAILED THE SHIT OUT OF ME with his Pythagorean profiling.

The freedom sought by most 32/5s manifests as a drive to experience and know. Boredom is their personal hell. 5s have such a natural drive and curiosity to know something about almost everything that their energy gets scattered easily.

Dan Millman (peacefully, gently) suggests that 32/5s must reign in renaissance ways by staying with something past the point of boredom. By focusing attention, setting clear priorities and sticking with them., they gain inner freedom through depth, rather than just breadth, of experience. With the balance of discipline and variety, 5s neither indulge their tendencies nor deny them. Damn.

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