Tee to the MF hee

I sent an email to Anne DiNardo about something funny and named the email TEE TO THE MF HEE. Not too long after I got an email from her husband, Nick. Anne had forwarded my email to him with the request, "Translate this subject line for me please."

Nick replied, "Translation: very funny. I'm laughing ("tee . . .hee") very hard; "mf", abbr., usually considered vulgar, references the climax (as it were) of the story of Oedipus Rex; "to the", slang from the mathematical x 'to the' nth power, hence an exponential increase, i.e. "very". This is the way that the kids are talking these days."

Now I'm going to pretend that when Nick refers to "kids" he doesn't mean me since I'm only three years his junior and that he means kids more like the one he has with Anne. And as such, I resolved that as soon as Miles DiNardo is old enough for phrases, Auntie Ronckytonk is going to step in and teach him to slang it up.

"Tee to the motherfucking hee, mama."


Anonymous said...

english major? well, maybe, that was a few years ago when the pendulum was swinging towards art. now that its stuck on the whole social justice thing, I dunno. I was trying to sound like a disciple of David Foster Wallace. Remember when you wanted your nickname to be "infinite jess"?

by the way, that picture, while having the perfect facial expression, is now woefully out of date. the miles monster is pushing 30 lbs. and if i keep driving him to daycare each morning, mf is not far behind.

hope we didn't scare you the last time we had you over with all those kids running about and diving off the furniture . . .

ronckytonk said...

Do you remember at the dinner party when someone said "Maybe we should get a babysitter next time," and Stehlin said, "I thought that's why we invited Jessica."

Don't worry, I'm resilient.

But I'm borrowing someone else's baby and bringing them along as a prop next time.

love, Infinite Jess