Bob Roncker's true obsession

Runner's World magazine April 2006 features a short article on Bob Roncker, the man who gave me half of my chromosomes! The piece is entitled True Obsessions and is about the 300 pairs of vintage shoes and 200 pieces of vintage running memorabilia that my dad displays in his shoe museum at Bob Roncker's Running Spot, the store he founded in 1981.

In some ways my dad and I are quite different. I don't spend a lot of time measuring my heart rate or my blood-oxygen level. No one on my mom's side of the family has said, "It's not a party 'til JESS is asleep". Finally, I don't walk up and down the hills in our neighborhood backwards in order to stretch different muscles in my legs.

My dad started running 50 years ago and still today the man just runs and runs and reads about running and writes about running and talks about running to anyone who will listen. He loves to learn and taught me to love learning and for that he gets proper respect. Thanks dad.

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