o with a line through it

Tomorrow I go to Copenhagen, Denmark.

All I know about Copenhagen is that:

1. They do this a lot - ø - which is the most challenging letter I've faced since learning that ß is pronounced like an s.

I looked up ø and, wow, was that a mistake. I read that the ø is a monophthongal close-mid front rounded vowel and that to non-rhotic English speakers it sounds most like the vowel in "bird". At least I recognized one word in that sentence: BIRD.

ps: Am I rhotic?

Until I learn what the ø is called, and maybe after, too, I'm just going to call it o-with-a-line-through-it and avoid it at all costs. Or totally stalk it, I haven't decided.

2. Old King Christian IV's throne in Rosenborg Castle is made of solid gold and unicorn horns.

3. Joanna MF Friberg, who I haven't seen in eight years, is going to be there!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, you don't have to bee nervous about the o with a line thruogh it Jess. It's basically the same letter as the o with the two dots over, ö, remember? Only pronounced in a danish accent, which means pretending you have your mouth full of hot porridge, or some use marbels instead, and then sort of hurl out the letter. That's all there is too it. (Oh no, I don't have a problem with the danish language at all.)