a quick note on perspective

1. I really need to quit leaving my iPod in public places. This time I left it on the chair of a cafe near closing time, not in a large window on the corner of 34th Street and Fifth Avenue where I'm sure it was snatched within five seconds of my wandering off in oblivion.

2. When I was packing up to leave the apartment today and realized what I'd done, I felt like a shithead because it's the second really nice iPod that my really nice boss Geoff has given me that I've lost.

3. I decided not to freak and walked slowly back to the cafe where I'd been the night before. I thought about my new bedtime book, The Kite Runner, and compared the loss of an iPod to rape and cowardice and cultural destruction.

4. I considered that maybe I should be less dependent on inanimate objects.

5. I wondered where I can get a new iPod. ASAP.

6. I got to the cafe and saw my iPod sitting on a shelf behind the counter. I'm gonna go read now.


roopa said...

While losing an iPod is definitely not as bad as anything in The Kite Runner, it sure does make you feel like an asshole (believe me, I've done it.)

Also, when I lose things, or even misplace things, all I think is "oh my god, if I can't keep track of simple things like this, how the hell am I going to raise kids?"

Anonymous said...

I guess Berliners are more honest than Nelson's classmates. Nelson's Ipod was taken from his backpack the minute he didn't have it locked in his locker. He's working his little fanny off in the neighborhood to replace it!