Hog wild for bacon

Have I ever mentioned that I once interned for an airline magazine? It's just one of my many high/low points in Seattle. Because of my internship, the title of Delta's September Sky Mag story on bacon, "Hog Wild for Bacon", reminds me how much I hate puns and alliteration.

Those months that I wrote blurbs, spotlights, and my crowning glory - a full-length article on women's pantsuits - for Frontier and Midway airlines, I had a hard time not turning all my thoughts into clever puns and annoying titles. I would give you an example but I paid a doctor a lot of money to remove that part of my brain with a melon scoop.

Bacon is the salty bad boy of pork. Meat eaters have been living high off the hog for thousands of years -- but today folks are doing sizzlin' stuff with bacon.

That sentence means that someone sat in a cubicle going, "Pig...pork...hog...wait...hog wild...high off the hog...yes! Yes!" Shiver.

I should tell you, though, that there's some useful information in Delta's bacon piece, lest I make the mistake of not giving credit to good research:

The Bacon Show blog, one bacon recipe per day, every day, forever

Bacon Salt, kosher, safe for vegetarians. I suspect that this is not a good idea. I could be wrong.

Bakon Vodka? Am I screaming out of fright or having an orgasm? I honestly don't know.

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Anonymous said...

You might refer Maureen Dowd to the doctor with the melon scoop. She has it bad.