Missing the subway

It's possible that as a first-time car owner I'm a nicer person in a relationship. I feel more independent, much like a 16-year-old who finally gets her license and doesn't have to be dropped off by her mom at least a block away from Bogart's every time she wants to see a concert, and therefore in a better mood.

The flip side is that I'm an impatient jerk when I drive.

The other day someone took FOREVER to turn right and I had to tell them to "Step on it, asshole," right before noticing their Obama (whom I voted for) and Sands Montessori (my elementary school) bumper stickers, which meant higher than average odds that I would actually like the driver.

Who still should learn how to complete a turn before the dawn of the new millennium.

The OTHER flip side is that if we lived somewhere with good public transportation, I wouldn't be so reliant on a car but that's a whole other story.

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