I'm going to do this thing, NaBloPoMo, National Blog Posting Month, and try to write a blog post every day during the month of November.

I'd heard of NaBloPoMo before as a kind of spin-off inspiration from NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, which I did in Seattle back in maybe 2001. In Seattle, I wrote 2,000 words daily by riding my bike to coffeeshops, putting on my headphones to listen to PJ Harvey on repeat, and meeting once a week at a bar downtown with other NaNoWriMers to commiserate over vodka sodas and secretly wonder if anyone would get a book deal for their efforts.

I did not get a book deal; I got a stack of precious, barely readable, cringe-inducing memories of the time I spent in Ecuador as a young, stupid college student who, in retrospect, I'd like to smack upside the head. I still have my "novel" and it still makes my stomach ache when I try reading it.

When I found out about NaBloPoMo last year, I didn't join because I didn't want to write everyday just for the sake of writing -- I thought I'd compromise quality of writing for quantity. Oh, ego.

Now I'd rather write SOMETHING than nothing because I'm out of sorts with writing, out of practice, and so far away from my old itchy fingers. I miss it. And if the point is to get the pen on the paper/fingers on the keyboard, then I'm in. I need NaBloPoMo much more than it needs me. See you tomorrow. xx


djempirical said...

maybe i'll do my own NaBloCoMo.

zan said...

Yes! There are some people I read (and know) who I'd love to hear from every day for a whole month. You, m'dear, are at the top of the list. Huzzah.

I've done it the past 3 years, but I'm not sure I have the stamina this year. Still, I can attest to the fact that it gets you back in the habit of writing on a regular basis. Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness! I (AJSGSHISF etc) was just going to send you a message today to say post something already.