I hope Columbus, OH police have extra forces on the street tonight

I can't take credit for remembering that Michael Bova's birthday is today, Friendster told me. But in an unprecedented move, I'm going to publicly make a big deal about it.


I'm almost sure that this photo is from a New Year's Eve party at my apartment in New York but we're going to pretend that it's for Bova's birthday.

That I wore a corsage and made out with a bottle of bourbon because that's how I like to celebrate birthdays even when I don't know how old someone is turning.

I do remember that when Bova was my roommate in Olympia, there was a page from a coloring book torn out and stuck to the wall in the kitchen and he had colored in the picture and filled in his name and age at the bottom - 24 - and I went, 'Wow, He's OLD. 24!'

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