We are very happy to hear Godzilla

On Wednesday, March 12, space shuttle Endeavour's crew awoke to the battle scene song from Godzilla Vs. Space Godzilla.

"Take on today like a monster," said a shuttle spacecraft communicator at Mission Control in Houston to Japanese astronaut Takao Doi.

"We are very happy to hear Godzilla," said Doi.

That night the shuttle docked at the International Space Station and Garrett became the 150th visitor to haul his ass to that special place in space where one is a) 217 miles from the surface of the Earth and b) traveling at around 17,000 miles per hour.


Let's take a little break to let that sink in.


I was online yesterday watching another video when I noticed a clip of Endeavour's docking. I clicked on it and saw Garrett and the other Endeavour astronauts come swimming through a tunnel into the ISS. He grabbed Peggy Whitson in a hug and they floated through the air together, a happy, careening, weightless hug.

And for a second, JUST A SECOND, I got kinda choked up.

Which is maybe not shocking considering I've admitted to tearing up on behalf of subjects as varied as old people on the street, American Idols Live! performances (Lakisha Jones, I Will Always Love You), and episodes of Little House on the Prairie, BUT STILL.

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